Danger Dave

It seems like Danger Dave was attacked by something and has infected bite wounds all over his back two legs and one of his front legs. The e-vet didn’t even do bare minimum for him when the patrol officer brought him there Friday night, so I took him over to Westwood first thing Monday morning. Currently, he has received Convenia and Baytril injections for infection, is on Gabapentin and Meloxicam for pain, and is getting Clinimycin for the infection as well. I am also giving him twice daily epsom salt soaks, and I put triple antibiotic ointment on the spots after his soaks. The infection seems to be getting better, but I am concerned that he may have a break or other more significant injury in one of his back legs. If Dr. Reeder could see him for x-rays and any other recommendations for his infection that would be great! He’s currently in foster with me (Hannah).