Community Outreach

Community Outreach / Senior Pet Assistance


FOSVASC acknowledges the needs in the under-resourced Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County, Virginia area, where a small amount of additional assistance can make a significant difference in enabling families to keep their pets. We prioritize the well-being of senior pets and strive to ensure they remain in their homes rather than being placed in shelters.

We can help you find:

  • Spay / Neuter Resources
  • Vaccine Resources
  • Feral Cat Contacts
  • Pet Food Resources

Let's work together to help needy community pets live their best life, too!



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Community Pet Food Pantry Logo

Donations can be delivered or dropped off at:

Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center

1001 Mt. Torrey Rd Lyndhurst, VA 22952

All brands are accepted!


Are you in need of pet food?

Contact SVASC to arrange to pick up some food.

It all began with a call to action.

Many of our community members were forced to give up their pets because they couldn’t afford to provide basic necessities like food and litter for their furry friends.

Our mission is to keep pets in their homes.

By providing these resources, we’ve significantly reduced the number of pets being surrendered to the shelter.

Friends of SVASC relies solely on donations from local businesses and community partners, as well as individuals in our community.

We have partnered with Walmart to make it easy to donate food and other supplies to our Community Pet Food Pantry.  You can even print the list out and take it with you on your next shopping trip!